Our most frequently asked questions and the answers you need:

Do you take listings on all types of properties?  Yes we do.  We pride ourselves on being an excellent resource for all types of property. Many of our Clients and Customers have recommended us to help with their friends and families real estate needs, from Retirement Homes to First Homes to Ranches to Recreational Getaways to Investment properties. Our house Buyer today is our rental home Buyer tomorrow; our lakefront Buyer today is our Commercial Buyer tomorrow, and our Ranch Seller today is our retirement home Buyer tomorrow.

I haven’t been a Buyer/Seller before (or in a long time)….I’m not really sure what to do. Can you educate me on the process?  Absolutely.  You can call or email us anytime and all dialogue is strictly confidential. Let us know what your goals are and we can lay out all the details on how to best achieve them. We have comprehensive Buyer and Seller guides that we are happy to go over with you in person or we can even email or post mail them to you.  Zero obligation 🙂

I’m not sure how the new ban on Limited Dual Agency works and what it means to me as a Buyer/Seller. Can you advise me?  For sure. We’re structuring our office to embrace the changes in representing Buyers and Sellers. The new rules take effect June 15, 2018 and a Listing Agent can no longer represent a Buyer as a “Dual Agent”.  To represent our Buyers in the most effective way possible, we have created a dedicated Buyer’s Agent Team that can assist you in Buying any MLS property. We also have dedicated Listing Agents to focus on our Seller’s needs. See the “Buyers” and “Sellers” tabs above.

With the new rules, can I still contact the Listing Agent?  Yes you can. The Listing Agent can still give you detailed information on the property features, zoning, mapping, history, etc.  And the Listing Agent can still help you purchase the property as an “Unrepresented Party” where the Realtor® is bound by a Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct (they can’t get away with lying to you or misleading you). Contact us for a detailed explanation of working with a Realtor® as a “Customer/Unrepresented Party” vs. working with a Realtor® as a “Client”.

I want the Listing Agent to show me the property but I have my own Realtor® to write the offer. Is that OK?  It can be done but may not be in a Buyer’s best interest.  We believe a Realtor® should visit a property with their Client before writing an offer so they are familiar with the property and it’s features. A Realtor® should also be available on-site from time to time during the process of inspections, tests and review of property boundaries, etc.

There is a lot more to working for a Buyer than writing an offer.  Ask your Agent to come to the area and view multiple properties with you, you’ll be glad you did!  Then your agent will know the comparable product on the market and will have a feel for Princeton and the surrounding area. If your Realtor® doesn’t want to travel to our area, they can always refer you to a local Buyer’s Agent and receive part of the sales commission and, at your discretion, they can review offer paperwork and monitor the condition removal process with you.



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