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Talk is Cheap....Ask to See Documented Results

Here's my thoughts on the Real Estate Industry in a nutshell.  I know you're busy, but please read this through, it will only take a minute:


" I think it's true that most real estate agents will make lots of claims to win your business; they may even tell you whatever you want to hear in order to represent you as a Buyer or to get a For Sale sign up in your yard.

You will hear many claims and common words like "professional", "ethical", "consultant", "marketing", etc.; and this is all important for sure, very important.

What you really need to see though is Long Term Documented Results. And this is only acheivable by hard work and a true skill set in the industry.

Yes, a well dressed, pleasant Agent is comforting.  A fancy website and the thought of "I don't have many clients, so I can really focus on your needs" is interesting as well.  But we tend to prefer:

"Yes, we're very busy and we do have a lot of clients. We work 7 days a week to make sure we're on top of the market. We have a history of results that shows we clearly help more Buyers and Sellers acheive their goals every year. We beleive it's our work ethic and skill set that get the job done.....but our website and marketing are pretty good too :)"


When you decide it's time to buy or sell, interview multiple agents.  Ask to see the results first.  Then ask how they acheive those results.  Don't get the cart-before-the-horse, don't ask to see "What will you do to sell my property?" (the cart) and then forget to ask "Can you show me how many clients you have helped Buy and Sell" (the horse).  The fanciest Carts in the world don't make it too far without a horse ;) 


It's Sunday morning, October 20th, 2013 and I was in our downtown office at 7am today.   I am responding to email inquries from last night, touching base with at least 3 or our Listing Clients and following up with 4 of our current Buyers. I think I'll also initiate a full-page flyer that we can send out next week.....I'm on the horse..... 




Doug Haayer