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In the past 3 years, we've sold more MLS listings than the next 3 agents combined.


We know what works and we we're dedicated to creating results.




Oh Yes, we advertise, more than anyone.







Our advertising is extensive. It's the introduction of your property to the market.  It's our constant reminder to the public that we're in the Real Estate Business. It's how we maintain the referral of Buyers that will purchase your property.


Click here for our detailed marketing plan.

What gives the Haayer Real Estate Group the real edge?


We show up for work everyday. 

We have a schedule and we work a plan.


We Are Pro-Active:


  • Direct contact with the right demographics
  • Direct Marketing to key spheres
  • Open Houses and "Tour of Homes" events
  • Written marketing and prospecting plans followed everyday
  • Constant and consistent networking 


We are not Passive, we do not:


  • Wait in an office for a Buyer to randomly walk-in
  • Run an ad in the newspaper and simply wait for a phone call
  • Spend hours on a website and wait for an email
  • Erect signs on the highway and expect all the above

The #1 Overlooked Truth in Real Estate:


Big signs, fancy websites and and leather office chairs do not sell Real Estate.


An Agent dealing directly with a qualified Buyer and providing that Buyer a high level of service sells Real Estate.




There is no possibility of a sale until you have a Buyer.  The Agent working with that Buyer must be honest, know the market and be able to clearly show the value and unique attributes of the property.  The agent must work hard.  Then you will have a sale.

Where do the Buyers come from?


Real Estate Buyers don't drop out of the sky...not very often anyways. Where do they come from?:


  • locally looking to upsize or downsize
  • locally renting and want to buy their first home
  • moving to town for work
  • moving here to retire and have friends or family in the area
  • they holiday here, know some locals and want buy rec property 
  • they know the area, have been here before and want a revenue or rec property

  • they have a friend or colleague that has an investment or rec property here


Bottom line, 98% of the time they have some connection to the area.  They ask that connection to recommend a Realtor.  We work to be that recommended agent.


Our goal is to be the most recommended Agents in Princeton.  We do it by providing outstanding service and by constant contact with the people that know the Buyers.





How does a Buyer choose an Agent?





75% of the actual Buyers choose their agent by Recommendation.


The Buyer visits multiple websites but, in the end, chooses an Agent

based on recommendation by a co-worker or employer, friend, family 

member or, if they are moving from out of town, referral by their current Agent.


20% of the actual Buyers choose their agent based on their Internet

presence and marketing. 


They will choose an agent who looks the most knowledgeable and that has experience. They might email multiple agents and choose based on response time and response quality.


5% of the actual Buyers choose an Agent by random occurrence.


They walk into an office or call off a property sign as their very first contact.



95% of initial contact from true Buyers comes via the

internet or calls to a cell phone.


Real Estate is a large investment and people choose their agent after doing some research.  They are most comfortable contacting an agent that

1) has experience and

2) that has dealt with someone they know..